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Alliance Advisors Opens Two Regional Offices

Bloomfield, NJ – January 2014 – Alliance Advisors, a proxy solicitation and governance consulting firm, has announced the opening of offices in Atlanta, Georgia and Reston, Virginia.

Michael Mackey, President of Alliance said “We are pleased to now have representation in both the Mid-Atlantic and Southeast regions. Unlike most regional offices which are solely dedicated to sales, the Alliance offices in Atlanta and Reston, a Washington DC suburb, will focus on our equity compensation practice and contested solicitations respectively. This is our fourth expansion in as many years and is the next step in the development of our firm.”

Reid Pearson, Executive Vice President of Alliance, who will head-up the office in Atlanta adds, “Corporate governance, pay practices and shareholder engagement continue to be at the forefront of proxy voting issues. Our group will assist corporations with structuring their corporate governance and compensation plan proposals to maximize the chances of a favorable response from both their institutional investors and the proxy advisory firms. We are also pleased to have an office in a region where many of our corporate clients are headquartered.”

“Alliance has been very active in the area of proxy contests and M&A over the last several years,” noted Waheed Hassan, CFA and Managing Director at Alliance, who will head-up the office in Reston, Virginia. “My tenure working at ISS on contested solicitations has helped Alliance establish an unparalleled track record of getting favorable proxy advisory firm recommendations for our clients. This distinction combined with our vast proxy experience and shareholder identification capabilities has positioned Alliance to become one of the leading firms for M&A and contested solicitations.”

Peter Casey, Executive Vice President and head of the Proxy Solicitation Group at Alliance said “These offices will support our core proxy solicitation business and provide our clientele with corporate advisory and governance consulting services. Reid and Waheed, both of whom worked at ISS, have been a tremendous asset to our firm with their respective fields of expertise. We also anticipate that our local presence will enhance Alliance’s client relations in these regions.”

Alliance Advisors is a shareholder intelligence firm that specializes in proxy solicitation, corporate governance consulting, proxy contests, acting as information agent and proxy management. Founded in 2005, the firm services more than 350 corporate clients nationwide.

Michael Mackey, President

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